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Ah! I remember the beginning of spring as if it was yesterday. It was a beautiful evening with a gleaming sky I have never seen before … almost resembling northern lights. Jane and the kids were hiking up to the mountains to have a better view. Back then we didn’t know that this phenomenon was the beginning of the end.

Help our lone hero to survive as long as possible to delay the inevitable demise he will face in a world that has changed forever.


  •   to move
  •  to dash
  •  or  for pause
  •  to shot


  • The blue power-up transforms your weapon to automatic weapon for a short time. Hold mouse button for continuous fire.
  • The red powerup heals you.

3D Modeling and Design:

Scripting and Game Logic:


Desktop-Version-1.0.3 63 MB

Development log


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Very nice, yet mouse is hard to use, even after setting almost to 0 sensitivity, despite framerate high. Maybe try smoothing the cam rotation.

hi, thank you for your feedback! What version did you use? Desktop or Browser?

Brave Browser. It kind of seems the mouse is not processed every frame. Or mouse speed values are converted to int by accident.